The Obama Tax Compromise


The price tag is too high in my estimation. Perhaps I’m mistaken but the way I read this we get to decide if we want increased deficit into eternity with soon-to-be permanent tax cuts for the top 2% (if things follow the course I see) or if we want to start making fiscal policies that make sense in the long run and not just the short term.

Whole thing stinks like rotten meat. I’m not eating it, I don’t care of they raise JFK from the dead and put him in front of the White House Presscorp. I’m still not going to support a Bush tax policy, because I’m not into this country going to ruin in the next few years just so a random amount of capital will be injected into it right now.

3 thoughts on “The Obama Tax Compromise

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  3. What Exactly Is In Obama’s Tax Cut Unemployment Extension Compromise

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    I’m not one where I think the compromise was terrible in every fashion, but I believe that the tax rates being as they are will lead to uncontrollable deficit and risks this extremely ill conceived tax policy becoming permanent. Because of these reasons I’m not in favor of this recent compromise reached by Obama with the Congressional Republicans.

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