Pew: ‘Mosque Debate Tops Coverage, But Not News Interest’

The Pew Research Center has posted a new media study showing that most Americans are not interested to hear about the NYC Islamic community center, but would rather see coverage related to the BP oil spill.

While the media focused on the emotionally-charged debate over plans to build an Islamic mosque and cultural center near the World Trade Center site in New York City last week, the public continued to track the Gulf oil leak.

About a third of the public (34%) says they followed news about the oil leak more closely than other major stories, 15% say they followed news about the economy most closely and 13% say they focused most closely on the mosque debate, according to the latest weekly News Interest Index survey, conducted Aug 19-22 by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press among 1,003 adults.

Another 9% say their top story was the withdrawal of the last U.S. combat forces from Iraq.

It is also not surprising that Republicans are more interested in this non-story about a mosque within a community center than are Democrats and independents.

This entire hate-fest was started up by conservatives and promoted by Republicans so it is no shock that the people they were trying to inspire bigotry came and delivered for them.

In my opinion this discussion over whether or not to move a house of worship is a false one. There is no discussion to have here whatsoever.

If you think a house of worship must move because of some bigoted comments from Newt Gingrich & others you are standing against the Constitution and against the very foundation of the United States.

Of course a person is free to hold this position, but there is no discussion to have on the topic until they amend their position to include throwing out the First Amendment as the first step to “stopping the American Jihad.” Since these ruthless, lying bigots only have emotional nonsense and hatred to spread there is no discussion resulting in anything productive that will take place.

The very fact that some liberals are entertaining this as a valid discussion is nothing less than disgusting to me.

Thankfully, it looks like (according to Pew) most people are viewing this as another non-story propped up by the media to take up space on slow news days and / or promote Republican racist ideology.

4 thoughts on “Pew: ‘Mosque Debate Tops Coverage, But Not News Interest’

  1. I was listening to discussion on Fox radio (I’m not a screaming right winger, but I do listen for the rights perspective).

    I was amazed that they mostly demanding to know the source of the funding of the project. They kind of grudgingly admitted it was legal.

    If a group of fundamentalist Christians was building a center in a spot that upset some of the neighbors, and liberal groups demanded to know if the money was coming from an unsavory source, fox would defend the Christian’s privacy to the death.

    Apparently because of collective guilt, Muslims at least forfeit the right to privacy that right wingers would insist on for themselves.

  2. That was very telling of the Fox News bias when they neglected to mention that it is a major business partner of their owner, Rupert Murdoch, that is funding Park 51 as they begged the question of where the money was coming from.

    I heard about that fundamentalist church as well. I think the whole scenario pretty much defines Freedom of Religion provided both houses of worship are allowed to be built.

  3. Thanks buddy. Awesome article you got going on here. Got some extra websites to point to which have a bit more info?

  4. I’d have to buy into with you on this. Which is not something I typically do! I love reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to speak my mind!

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