Sherrod, Spooner and Breitbart (News Media BS)

For all the lies told up until this point in regards to Shirley Sherrod’s supposed “racism” it might have been wise for some of these conservative race baiters (Sean Hannity, Andrew Breitbart) to actually talk with the “white farmer” (Rodger Spooner) in question before they report this non-story as anything but Chapter Two of the Racist Witch Hunts via Breitbart.

SPOONER:I’ve never been treated no better … I don’t know what started the racism mess … they just want to stir up some trouble, it seems to me.

Just like the racist witch hunt against ACORN, and prior to that Van Jones, this is all a perfect example of why conservatives are not to be trusted in the media. They will lie at the drop of a hat and care nothing for the consequences of spreading hatred, racism and bigotry. If even one person checked out the facts before running this story on any cable news network, it never would have aired in the first place.

And shame on Obama for bending over backwards in each of these cases to people who obviously are nothing but fascist, racist scum.

The sooner Obama sees that no conservative anywhere wants anything but to lie and deceive the better off we will all be. Anyone not sick of this bullshit at this point is obviously not interested in truth, democracy or freedom. They have their racist talking points and their scape goats and they will burn the United States to the ground before they give them up.

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