How Much Is A Human Being Worth?

Ans: About the market value and resale value of a jar of table salt.

Element –   Mass of element in a 70-kg person

oxygen                    43 kg

carbon                     16 kg

hydrogen                7 kg

nitrogen                  1.8 kg

calcium                    1.0 kg

phosphorus          780 g

potassium             140 g

sulfur                      140 g

sodium                   100 g

chlorine                 95 g

magnesium           19 g

iron                          4.2 g

fluorine                  2.6 g

zinc                          2.3 g

silicon                    1.0 g

rubidium             0.68 g

strontium            0.32 g

bromine               0.26 g

lead                        0.12 g

copper                  72 mg

aluminum           60 mg

cadmium             50 mg

cerium                 40 mg

barium                22 mg

iodine                  20 mg

tin                          20 mg

titanium              20 mg

boron                   18 mg

nickel                   15 mg

selenium             15 mg

chromium         14 mg

manganese       12 mg

arsenic                 7 mg

lithium                 7 mg

cesium                 6 mg

mercury             6 mg

germanium       5 mg

molybdenum   5 mg

cobalt                  3 mg

antimony           2 mg

silver                    2 mg

niobium            1.5 mg

zirconium          1 mg

lanthanium      0.8 mg

gallium              0.7 mg

tellurium          0.7 mg

yttrium             0.6 mg

bismuth           0.5 mg

thallium           0.5 mg

indium             0.4 mg

gold                  0.2 mg

scandium       0.2 mg

tantalum        0.2 mg

vanadium     0.11 mg

thorium          0.1 mg

uranium         0.1 mg

samarium       50 µg

beryllium       36 µg

tungsten         20 µg

Humans are cheap. From a logical and scientific perspective we are nothing more than deluded carbon, salts and simple sugars thinking to ourselves we have some value beyond decaying in the soil to nourish plant life.

I personally don’t accept a purely scientific view of the world and the life all around us. But this here is the solid truth when people ask what a human life is worth, what value a human has to the world.

It’s something like $ 2.50, or less. When we are disassembled to our base components there is nothing to look at except a small pile of materials from the chemistry room. Rather mundane ones at that.

That is provided we define “worth” as having to do with money, which we all know is the only thing that matters anyway.

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