“Write About What You Know”

Write about what you know.

I’m sure we have all heard this saying.

Well one thing I know is that multi-tabbed browsing has forever turned my accessing of the Internet to constant self-inflicted information-overload.

You have your Facebook, you know:

Boycott BP

You have your solutions from science, you know:

6 ways mushrooms can save the world

And you have Jeanette DeMain and the best damn collection of hard facts on the Deepwater oil disaster, you know:

‘The Environmentalists’ and Deepwater Drilling

Now we all know.


I have a love-hate relationship with this quote. It is vital to focus yourself in your writing, this is true. But a speculation, if properly declared as such, has value. People should be allowed to openly question and openly pursue that which they are uncertain about. Though it is important to state that single ancedotal accounts don’t amount to facts, and there is never any lack of those who wish to write (or speak) out of ignorance and not out of a desire to inform and educate themselves.