Tea Party Terrorists & Code Pinkos

Just a quick update on American Politics:

If you are anti-war you are a “pinko” and if you are anti-taxes you are a “terrorist.”

Just so we are all perfectly clear…

3 thoughts on “Tea Party Terrorists & Code Pinkos

  1. Eric.
    Anti-war, “WOW”, I’ve been to war, it is not very pretty at all. I was in the first Persian Gulf War as a medevac crew chief and ground mechanic. I did fly some missions carrying patients to the field hospital. When you see it up close and personal it is sick. Taking American soldiers or Marines straight off the battlefield with blood all over the place it’s something you never forget. But the saddest of all when you take children and their parents of war to the field hospital. Their parents are crying as they are on their knees praying to the God Islam, Allah, throwing dust and dirt above their heads. That will stay with you for a long long time. Then call me a pinko.

    “If you are anti-taxes you are a “terrorist.”
    You got pay for those wars someway, let’s face it, you can’t have a war with out taxes.

    So your statement is a oxymoron.

    Sorry Eric.

  2. I can not find my blog that I post last night.

  3. I am not stating that I know anything of what war truly is, not by any means.

    I am saying that we enjoy a mindless game of labeling people as some extreme, and all sides play this game more and more in politics.

    It seems to me that there is no room for anti-war sentiment anymore, but there is plenty of time to waste on misinformed teabaggers.

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