Suicidal Thoughts On The Internet

I just had a person share some suicidal thoughts with me while on the internet.

I am not that disturbed by it, perhaps I know this pain all too well.

The endless pit of apathy.

I offered only my simple perspective: it’s okay if things suck, it’s not okay to give up.

They mentioned they were switching meds for the night, so most likely that is all this was.

I’m hardly qualified to give anyone advice, I’m not exactly doing too hot here myself.

But I see no problem with reaching out and telling people that they don’t have to be alone, and remind them that internet can’t replace human interactions.

I feel though that there is a great deal of anxiety out there, and it needs to be validated. I feel it too. Some dreadful uncertainty about just about everything.

But some of us so often forget that there are real people on the other end of the these screens, and a cry for help is a cry for help.

I am not so cold as to ignore that, and I have found it to be nothing more than an issue of people needing to know that somebody gives a damn.

That somebody on this madness of the internet actually understands that not everything in the whole world is one big joke, that people matter. We shouldn’t ever give up on ourselves regardless of how ugly things get.

3 thoughts on “Suicidal Thoughts On The Internet

  1. well i am without a doubt ashamed or contrite about even writing this.let me tell you im not on drugs or have i been drinking.i’m very lucid i have been having this closet life for a long time.the old saying fake it untill you make it;thats a big problem of mine.i had one of those childhoods which i try to forget cause i cant forgive.its holding me hostage in my own world.i dont relate with anyone i don,t communicate well socialy.i’m at a loss?why why is something i scream for .i turn away potential lovers;i wish i had a cure.been on anti-depressants before like zoloff,wellbutrin,and others including seriquil,trazadone, longer am i on anything because i felt worse than.i don’t know im inteligent handsome sensitive and careing i just hate my life and i don’t want to try an end it anymore.its not even hating my life i walk in a blank stoic views are all screwed up and i need help.i’m not in touch with whats importent anymore.

  2. in deed in need of help

  3. @kevin:

    Well you are able to talk about how you feel, I think that is a step toward dealing with the problems.

    For some of us therapy is the answer, for others it is prescriptions.

    Often we need to find people we can trust to truly open up to and that is harder than it sounds.

    I would say, much like with myself, you only need to confront your fears and confront the fact that mental health is just as important as physical health. You wouldn’t not go to the doctor if you broke your leg, so it’s nothing to be ashamed of to get evaluated or just ask for therapeutic help in any form.

    You sound like you are in the place where it’s hard to see anything good or of value in your life, but I can assure you that should you hang tough and more importantly make sure you ask for and get the help you need that things do get better. It’s never true to say that: “Everything will be alright.”

    No, it usually isn’t. But you have to be able to live in the here and now; for some that is harder than it is for others and the solutions are out there. You just have to seek them or look for new ones if the ones you have are not working for you.

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