Coffee Party USA Continues To Percolate Nicely

Founded by Annabel Park, the Coffee Party Movement (CPM), is put simply a “democracy advocacy group.” The movement began with something we all are likely familiar with: the Facebook Status Update.
The CPM founded around these simple principles:

The slogan is “Wake Up and Stand Up.” The mission statement declares that the federal government is “not the enemy of the people, but the expression of our collective will, and that we must participate in the democratic process in order to address the challenges we face as Americans.”

When I first joined the Facebook Fan-page named “Join the Coffee Party Movement” roughly at the time of my first post the total number of users who “Fanned” the page was roughly 7,000. At last check, it is well above 70,000!
Take a look at this map, the closet chapter to me is the San Francisco Chapter of the CPM so I have joined that user group on the Official Webpage:
The Facebook Comment threads are back-logging with too many replies, the two domains at .org and .com are having trouble handling server traffic at peak hours so be patient if it’s not appearing if you attempt to link through.
Civil discussion, rational dialogue, non-hostile environments for ideas and opinions to be heard. The Coffee Party USA has come to bring civility to the U.S. and one of the strongest lessons that I must learn from these people is exactly that. Perhaps we all could do with a good lesson in civility here on the internet, I know for certain that I do.
They insist, and I agree it a wise point to make, that the movement is not the “Anti Tea Party” but the “alternative to” the Tea Party.
Talking with these activists makes me calm down, and want to do what they are doing: leading by example.
I’m seeing the only people serving any rational version of civic brew out of the choices of Coffee and Tea is without a doubt the Coffee!
The predictable Tea Party backlash of attempting reframe the debate by attacking the credibility of Annabel Park, and the more recent mantra of calling the CPM a “sham” over talk radio airwaves is only more proof that what Al Alborn spoke of in regards to the Tea Party was altogether true.
I too believe the Tea Party Movement is founded around silencing debate and dividing people rather than bringing them together.
I support the Coffee Party USA with all my heart, and the revival of truth & reason shall not be denied!

6 thoughts on “Coffee Party USA Continues To Percolate Nicely

  1. …if the coffee party is about our collective will being expressed through the federal government, why does it support the liberal healthcare bill?

  2. Because the people of America voted Democrats into office to do a health care bill. Obviously.

  3. Finally a group of rational thinkers that are not HATERS! We have to try and get our act together as a Nation as United we stand and divided we fall.

  4. Here’s a personal problem I have: 3 different people (male Democrats) have urged me to remove the Obama/Biden bumper sticker from my car, for my own safety. This is an extremely conservative district. So far, I have refused. Is this wise?

  5. I think you are wise to keep your bumper sticker on your car. Just as I would not say a Tea Party person should remove a “Tea Party Express” sticker from their car either. There will always be some nutcase out there who will cause trouble but hiding from it is no defense. These people who fear Obama or whatever it is they fear need to learn to live with it and little things like bumper stickers keep doing exactly that to them.

    If you begin to feel you are putting yourself or others at risk, then I would change my position and say you should just remove it. But very few people are dangerous over something like a sticker. For the most it is an issue of needing to confront their fears and however that happens it is a good thing in the end.

    I say: Let people yell and scream about “socialized medicine” or whatever talking point they cooked up. Just stick to what you believe and check your anger when responding to them (that is for me) and in the end we will all do just fine.

  6. Thanks for replying to my question. One of my advisors is a pastor who was exiting an interstate when a semi sideswiped him. When he looked at its driver, the trucker gave him “the finger.” The pastor believes it was because of his Obama bumper sticker. I suggested that maybe the trucker was angry because when he slowed for his exit, the trucker had to hit his brake because he wasn’t paying attention. But the pastor was frightened & removed his bumper sticker. I think my bumper sticker brought me a new friend, a black lady customer at my gym.

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