Jon Stewart Castrates The Blogosphere

As is usually the case, it is left to the Comedy Central programming of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to point out these funny aspects of our media and our society that go mainly overlooked.

From “The Blogs Must Be Crazy” segment:

It’s almost as if these headlines are freakishly out of proportion to the content contained within them.

Oh, did you Comedy Central writers notice that too?

A good headline makes all the difference, and if somebody isn’t getting castrated, eviscerated and then decapitated its just not a good headline.

I guess the real title of this post is: Lightborn Eviscerates The Blogosphere

But I have a suggestion: the “versus posts.”

Someone vs. Someone, instead of Someone metaphorically cannibalizes Someone else.

Just a thought…

One thought on “Jon Stewart Castrates The Blogosphere

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