This is a Tea Party, and I am The Mad Hatter


Oh yes, my friends.

This is the real tea party, right here and now.

But this is not a party about taxes, this is the tea party that exists through the looking glass.

This tea party is about our society, and the many ideas surrounding it.

Some of which includes talking about taxes.

This tea party has a March Hare, he claims to himself to have started the Tea Party. He speaks of taxes and government much, but the March Hare is a fool and a liar.

I will stuff him in the tea pot, because he is a stupid fool.

This is the true tea party. For I am true to my role of Mad Hatter in our political hyperbolical insanity-solution to the madness we made.

In my ideological youth, I feel I must declare, I was much like the March Hare.

I spewed forth of bizarre concepts from “anarchism” to “libertarianism” to “stupidity.”

But in my growth to see the middle of battlegrounds, I have gone quite mad as well.


If anyone calls me a “progressive” I shall spill hot tea on your lap.

I am a “liberal.” As in “liberty.”

There is no doubt that forward-thinking and scientific reasoning is what prevails when the effect of the fumes subside upon my brain. But a vague label, I shall not embrace.

This is a place of “progressive religious views” and “Progressive Reformist views” but without my little attachment on the “progressive” I am most miffed.

This brings us why some of you are asking me again and again why I stuffed the March Hare in the tea pot and will not let him out despite his protests.

It is because he enjoys saying “socialist” to me in a label and I find him disgusting for it because I have debated real-life socialists, politely, and he becomes confused sometimes about listening to others after he opens he mouth. The March Hare takes his tea inside the tea pot because he likes it there. Nobody can hear him because he refuses to hear anyone else and that’s the end of it!


Most things come down to where you want your government and not your specific feelings toward government itself. Like a great many other products, hate & fear sell quite well on the open-market. This is one of the reasons I am quite mad, quite mad indeed.

I have no interest in profiteering off lies, though I am quite capable of creating them at whim.

The Mad Hatter is insane to stick up for the poor and the working-poor. I am quite mad indeed to underscore the commercialized news-media tearing down our United Statesry.

It is not popular to be here and there instead of there and thee.

I could expound upon “federalist expansion” and such, but even the word “transparency” is lost on most.

This Obama offers not a full & complete transparency, but he has done more than any in my lonely memory.

This quite originally-sound idea of town halls became a place for madness the likes of which even I cannot condone, in too many cases.

But this Obama let’s The March Hare run wild!

Then again … he made not be as mad as I.


We have a corrupt-media enterprise termed “Fox” running wild in our lands.

They have worked to spread ethnocentrism, false-nationalism, false-Christianity and recently false-news reports.

The way how this works is you either care, or you don’t.

You either look into the work of non-mad peoples who have studied this, or you don’t.

The clanging of the tea pot lid gets very loud around this issue. Once again, he does not listen but he claims he is while he prepares a slander designed just for you.

False advertising. Every single time they use the “Fair & Balanced” label for themselves and also to any person on Fox News who tries to absorb that label for themselves.

This practicing of Foe-News might be fun, even gloriously so, but we have torn down our press to the state it was when political parties owned the only newspapers.

The Feed of Fox, taken as a solitary fluid, is just a biased disease from upside-down world.

One must weigh what the Fox Red Meat against credible news and find if they squeezed a little of the story in there.


Democracy is a burden, not a blessing!

Democracy requires that not just the mad, but the many, must participate in politics.

The challenge is placed on the citizen, on you and me, to know the difference and have the hard facts.

It would be far easier to shrug off all decision making some “elites” somewhere and be done with it.

Though I’ll take this, I see a big flaw that I am mad to point out: too many people have no idea what they are talking about when they speak of policy or history.

The solid fact of the matter is you cannot mandate people to stop voting against their own interests anymore than you stop political activists twisting the truth.

What this system of government cannot abide under is sheer ignorance of the people.

In order for this crazy idea of representative government, or democracy, to survive it must maintain an ethical press and an ethical news-media.

Today we face a Media Industrial Complex right along with the Military Industrial Complex, and a host of other issues, and I see nothing of the deep contemplation and information gathering needed in far too many of us.

This populous of peoples must be using these brains and using the benefits of good journalism.

This whole notion that we chose to decide serious matters in part by the people assumes the people are actually paying attention in the first place.


The structure of the political-world changed in this country. Somehow spreading intolerance, racism, bigotry and superiority over others became a political stance.

There is also the issue of the stupid.

I may be mad, but I am not stupid. I know the difference between hard facts and nonsense that insults Americans everywhere.

Some in this nation have decided that racism, hatred, religious-zealotry, bigotry and deception are the new status quo.

These people have nothing to do with conservatives, they have to do with bitterness and shame alone.

Even one as mad as I still seeks to draw a line between those who seek to sew violence and hatred versus those who simply disagree.

Sometimes it is important, only for a moment, to isolate out a certain voice. A voice that has the answers to these driving questions of:

“Is that true?”

“Is all this banter really based on something?”

No, it’s all fabrications and excuses to hate.

But it has to do with how they are doing this version of blather. They have no grounds to stand in ignorance of facts and silent under The Bush then spray venom under The Obama.

They call me crazy but you can’t be wrong about an opinion, you can only be wrong on the facts.

Misquoting the Constitution is another trait of The March Hare that earns him a tea pot in which to take his tea.

When one is mad you read all these little papers that say these things.

I feel I have exhausted myself.

In truth, all are welcome to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

But beware to the people who refuse to take the U.S. seriously and accept wild theories in place of something you can show me to be true.

This Mad Hatter has never had much tolerance for arrogant rejection of facts.