Dick Cheney Fails To Understand American Values


Former Vice-President Dick Cheney continues to obfuscate the truth and tarnish the name of all Republicans by means of standing up for cruel and unusual punishment of military detainees.

Appearing on FOX News Sunday recently, the former Vice President continued to advocate a dangerous and sick agenda by claiming pride for the torture and prisoner mistreatment that occurred under The Bush Administration.

Beyond this outrageous fact, Cheney made a statement that I see as a direct affront to very heart of American Values like he has never done before.

WALLACE: So even these cases [of interrogation] where they went beyond the specific legal authorization, you’re OK with it.”



This was a true testament to how divorced Dick Cheney remains from any understanding of our national standards of justice and our mutual values as a people.

Cheney clearly declares that he cares nothing as to the pursuit of justice to those that break the law under the blanket of authority claiming to pursue justice themselves.

This country does not accept any person or body to be beyond the law, and Cheney insulted this nation by supporting the notion that supporting illegal actions under government supervision are acceptable in a free nation of laws.

4 thoughts on “Dick Cheney Fails To Understand American Values

  1. what a great pic of cheney. it really captured the soul of this man. as a liberal, the last thing i want to do is jump in on the name-calling,and other juvenille behavior going on right now between the 2 parties.while it has always gone on, it has greatly increased under the obama administration. however- cheney leaves nothing to interpretation.he lays it on the line. therefore, any critisim toward him isnt due to stretching the truth, misinformation, lies etc,such as is happening now with the repubs concerning the health care bill. the man is sick and i can see why our country is in such bad shape. his policies have reached out far and wide. and left us in the current shape in which we find ourselves.

  2. I have a policy about not engaging in rampant name-calling but it is often necessary to fight partisan fire with partisan fire. The trick is to admit to what your doing.

    I can comment in a bipartisan fashion about President Bush on many matters, but VP Cheney is so grotesque in his record and his statements that there simply is almost nothing to say of this vile kind of sentiment. It’s quite literally shocking to hear a former VP not only admit to approving torture but now to admit that he prefers an authoritarian state over a democratic one. He has earned this “Darth Vader” nickname, but I’m the type you would never use the term to describe him. That’s my ‘no name-calling’ kind of rules, personally. All of that stuff tends to distract from the point more than help anyway, so I tend to agree with you.

  3. Your site was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Thursday. 🙂

  4. Thank you, RobD.

    I am always interested in hearing what you think about my site.


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