Republican Obstructionism in Health Care Reform

I see these God-forsaken ads running on my blog about how people are supposed to “Stop Obama-care Now!” and I would like to metaphorically spit on this nonsense once and for all. Anyone attaching the misnomer of “socialized medicine” or using the phrase “Obama-care” at this stage has already labeled themselves as part of the partisan agenda weakening this country from within everyday.

I contend that if we witnessed these same bills moving through Congress proposed by Republicans instead of Democrats that many of the same harsh opponents of reform would flip-flop their stance entirely. Almost anyone questioned on their position in the media or otherwise states that they think there should be “some kind” of reform.

I am left to think that a vast majority of the resistance to the passage of these measures is simply playing politics on behalf of Republicans, in that if President Obama passes a successful humanitarian bill that enhances the lives of so many American families the political consequences to their party will be too severe to manage.

At least the televised and media punditry are motivated by this end, if noting else.

This Party of No” mentality is dangerous to us all. If anyone has a valid objection or concern by all means they should make themselves known. But when a person simply stands on the legs of right wing talking points and shaky numbers I tend to think they would be a strong advocate for “McCain-care” if the universe where all flipped upside down.

3 thoughts on “Republican Obstructionism in Health Care Reform

  1. No, god dammit I wouldn’t!!! I am against any National Run Health Care within our Government and I don’t care who the hell is behind it.
    Our country just can’t afford it no matter what. We are broke. This present government can’t run the programs it has now properly…….why and hell do you believe that they can run this one??? Wake up idiot…this is not a republician against a democrat, nor a white person against a black person…It is about citizens of this country realing that government is way out of control in two ways…control over the citizens which is going against our constitutional right and our liberty. And the other way is too much spending. The US is almost broke!!!

  2. Your the idiot. You think it’s okay to spend our nation dry on killing Arabs and lying to public about WMDs and then when we have a real president with a real American agenda proposing reform in health care you and yours think your ‘American’ to stand against it!?!

    It’s disgusting and untrue, what you said.

    This will save us MILLIONS and more importantly save LIVES and you would still claim it would fail.

    There is nothing backing up your statements except the propaganda and lies told to people through conservative media and thus I doubt you are anything but a McCain voting Republican who feels like you have to stop Obama from succeeding in this.

    When this passes and your medical insurance bills go down and more people receive the care they need you will probably still call it a failure.

    In short, your the problem. Not the deficit, not Obama, not the Democrats … you! You would stand against providing the humanitarian basic standards of health care in America to Americans.

    That makes you a bad person and very un-Christian.

    Sorry to be blunt but you are offending the nation of patriots who want to take care of our own and not leave them out to dry with a bunch of money hungry HMOs.

  3. “Wake up idiot…this is not a republician against a democrat, nor a white person against a black person”

    You are dead wrong about that.

    Give me some facts to back up your claim that ignoring the health care crisis is anything but a threat to national security and going to be the direct factor in contributing to the day that we truly are broke.

    We are not broke. You need to “wake up idiot” yourself and stop drowning yourself in biased, un-American media sources that lie and pervert the numbers to fit their agendas.

    “control over the citizens which is going against our constitutional right and our liberty”

    Article 1. Section 8. US Constitution:


    Don’t give me these half-baked rightwing talking points.

    You have been boldly lied to by the people you rely on to inform you and it’s a shame you don’t reject these people (FreedomWorks) that lie about the situation for the sake of politics.

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