Druge Report Cover Slanders Obama


Today on The Drudge Report we see the latest example of bias and slander against the president by means of using a misleading photo of Barack Obama above the title of the wbsite.

ABC has the whole video, in which you can see what truly transpired.

Yahoo News is where the link provided by Drudge leads you, but the headline “The Second Stimulus” has nothing to do with the article on Yahoo from which this image originated from.

Mike Drudge knows exactly what he is doing by only posting that photo above and then linking into an article that not enabled with the video version thus the ‘whole story.’

It is clear to me, and everyone who did more than giggle at the cover piece, that Drudge will use any excuse to slander and degrade the image of President Barack Obama. Even at the cost of his own credibility.

Todd Venezia of The Washington Post managed to squeeze the truth of the matter into the very last paragraph of his piece.

It was in fact Sarkozy taking a look at the young lady’s behind, and not Obama. But such facts mean nothing to people care to do nothing but demean Obama’s character with their every breath.

The only person affliated with FOX News to accurately report on this issue has been Greta Van Susteren. Further enforcing the concept that FOX News is a network mainly dedicated to this style of misleading coverage of news events and utterly biased content.

2 thoughts on “Druge Report Cover Slanders Obama

  1. Drudge reported – sarcastically – on the information that was available at that time. While the photo turned out to be misleading, it wasn’t to my knowledge created by Drudge so they were one of the misled themselves.

    Now the is who cut the image out of the video and why did they do so?

    — To attack Obama?
    — To make a buck because that image would sell?
    — To setup Drudge and other Conservatives to look bad?

    If the latter, it’s sure working as far as you’re concerned, but if so, you’d be being misled as much as Drudge was.

  2. No, like I stated. Drudge is not some wet-behind-the-ears internet poster. He knows full well that posting that image and leaving it as the only form of coverage he is going to duplicate on his site that he is creating a ‘giggle’ for all his conservative vistors and doesn’t seen to care as much as others what exactly transpired.

    “Now the is who cut the image out of the video and why did they do so?”

    I gave the source of where Drudge jacked the image, Yahoo News.

    They didn’t make the video link available but they also didn’t make the image their cover photo for their entire site.

    Defend Drudge all you want. He is a partisan and not invested in what is best for our media nor our country.

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