Rush Limbaugh is Dr. Evil



The Radio Comedian Rush Limbaugh is best understood as a real-life version of the character Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies.

Plotting and scheming in some ceramic bunker with his inner-circle of minions, his many Snurgly clones of course, gathered round to hear his daily machinations delivered via flashy jumpsuit!


In The Comedian’s case the issue is just to constantly stay in the news and stay relevant to someone, somewhere.

A lot of people seem to think we need an Anti-Limbaugh, or an Austin Powers, to appear and vanquish this foe. I think that Dr. Evil’s Empire falls apart when people start catching on to his game.

It’s all a house of cards of his own making. His own minions would throw him away if he ever had a level-headed view of anything to do with President Obama. The jackals would consume their master in a heartbeat if he stepped off his “ordained path” even in the slightest.

So Dr. Evil plays his game and works his magic, but when people can see the same of tired bag of tricks again and again they tend to catch on.


“Pet my Snurgly! Pet him!”

3 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh is Dr. Evil

  1. I like Doctor Evil! He only wanted to hold American for ransom for 1 billion dollars! That is chump change when you will be a slave to future income taxes for a couple trillion dollars! Right now I am leaving to catch the next freight train to Mexico. Good luck!

  2. Well, see Eric, it’s a very good pun, but the larger problem is that you can’t just dismiss Rush that easily as being akin to the Austin Powers character and let that alone carry the argument against Limbaugh’s tactics or his audience for that matter, which is (like it or not) considerable. I disagree with him about many things, but he’s got one of the largest audiences in talk radio and that’s because he mixes it up when it comes to discussing hard-core conservatism. That speaks to a lot of listeners, who disagree frequently even amongst themselves, that don’t think they’re being heard by much of the rest of the media.
    Limbaugh speaks an extreme, almost vitriolic viewpoint on many issues, as does Keith Olbermann on the left, and those two commentators (neither are actually newsmen or journalists in the formal sense, no matter who says otherwise), whether they realize it or not, are the two end zones on the talking head playing field.
    Reality is somewhere in the middle, and in this day and age of commentators being taken for “news” (and vice versa to some degree), I’m afraid it’s up to the readers and listeners to figure out for themselves where that middle actually is.

  3. You said it quite well, Andy.

    The burden falls to the public in the end.

    But I am not dismissing Rush by mocking him. I actually refer to him as a ‘master broadcaster’ in a previous post. And he is.

    But in the end he is selling racism, sexism, hatred and bigotry. Not politics.

    A lot of his listeners THINK they are talking politics but in reality it’s just half-truths and outright lies repeated over and over.

    Thus he is Dr. Evil.

    Making up crazy, idiotic schemes and making money off the fact that most people are stupid and / or ignorant.

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