Dick Cheney is an American Disgrace

55_cheneyI wholeheartedly disagree with the statement that President Obama has made the country any less safe since entering office. The notion that immoral practices will make us any more safe from terrorism is counter-intuitive to my core beliefs.

The CIA Enhanced Interrogation Program was one of the most effective terrorist recruitment tools and a project expressly advocated by former-Vice President Cheney which is now noticeably absent from terrorist recruitment methods.

The approved torture methods of the Bush administration have presented one of the greatest threats to our continued national security to date.

Not only is it disgraceful for Cheney to criticize the current administration as a member of the former but also as to his own level of personal integrity to turn the issue of national security on it’s head by denying the immorality of torture tactics.

The Politics of Fear remain the only tool left to Neo-Conservative Americans.

I see a land of injustice where prosecutions of some order are not undertaken. Those who wrote the legal opinions used to justify these torture tactics must face consequences.

The Justice Department cannot dispense justice onto itself.

A Special Prosecutor must be appointed.

If anything, President Obama has yet to do enough to restore justice and security to our nation.

2 thoughts on “Dick Cheney is an American Disgrace

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  2. Oh, Dick’s okay. He’s a hell of a lot more intelligent than Joe Biden. But then, who isn’t. I didn’t notice the Left refraining from commenting on the Bush administration while he was in office. It’s early yet. Let’s wait and see if the Kum ba yah approach is as effective as them being afraid to attack us.

    Walk softly, carry a big stick and don’t be afraid to whack somebody upside of the head if it’s necessary.

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