Praise for Jim Cramer of Mad Money


“The age of laize fair economics is over. We need rules.”

“Obama & Geithner are doing the right thing.” 

 “People who review this show through a political lens always fail to understand. I’ll be critical of Obama when he is doing bad and support him when he is doing good.”

  The third quote is how I feel in my political blogging efforts. If I see it, I’m calling it out. I don’t care if they are in my party or not.

 It is possible that all the recent bad PR (which I was part of) surrounding Cramer has evoked this more straight-forward way of simply saying that he could be wrong as I just heard him do.

Personally, I think this wise. I am sure there are some who might muse:

“But if he might me wrong then why should we take stock advise from him? Why not just ask some random guy off the street?”

Well he actually has worked in private industry and knows a thing or two. Should anyone swear by his approvals or disprovals? No.

But I am seeing this new face of Mad Money, and I like it. Just like it should be. An everyday person’s stock quote show.

9 thoughts on “Praise for Jim Cramer of Mad Money

  1. I have always seen mad money as an investing show for the average joe. He may be a little over the top sometimes but overall I think the show is very informative.

  2. These quotes from Jim Cramer just show that he still doesn’t get it. The point of his ass-whuppin’ at the hands of Jon Stewart was not that he had been giving bad answers on his CNBC show (and hence, giving different answers now doesn’t help one bit). The point was that it is a dangerous, destructive game to pretend to have answers at all. No one does. Certainly not Jim Cramer.

  3. “bad answers on his CNBC show”

    Sorry, I thought so too at first but look at what he said about the whole thing. He was being lied to his face. Just what is any person supposed to do about that. I tend to believe him went he says he can only relay whatever he does. It’s a free stock quote. What more would you expect?

  4. That still doesn’t absolve Cramer or CNBC. Whether he was being given honest or false information provided by Lehmann, so what? 99.99% of the people watching CNBC should not be trying to beat the market by buying this stock or selling that stock, or riding market waves, or anything else. It is a profoundly bad investing strategy, and Cramer was feeding it. And still is.

  5. “99.99% of the people watching CNBC should not be trying to beat the market”

    Well I agree with this. CNBC is not the way to ‘beat the market’.

    I recently thought of a stock-quote blog. I wonder how badly I would be laughed at for trying such a thing.

  6. “CNBC isn’t the way to beat the market.” Right. And let’s take that a step further: there is NO proven way to beat the market. Every increase in return is accompanied by a commensurate increase in risk. That is why my fundamental premise is not that Cramer was wrong, but that he was attempting the impossible. And Jon Stewart was dead-one right: it is reprehensible to tell people that it is possible to beat the market. Cramer and CNBC led their viewers into a CERTAIN ambush.

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