Blah, Blah, AIG, Blah, AIG, Blah

Can you say media scapegoat? Can you say easy target?

No fan of AIG or anything. Bunch of suits passing around paper that doesn’t move one piece of anything that helps even one worker. Let them all pick crops, I say.

But I am a media-watchdog and have had my eye on the government like a hawk. Bonuses for these jokers is not the correct aim of this new ‘American-frustration‘ we are all experiencing. Bemoaning the continuation of old and backwards thinking will not move us on. We must come to readily expect ourselves for many things and remain unphased. America must quite literally reach a ‘no bull’ state of operation extremely quickly if we are regain any of what has been lost.

We can expect the economic guru’s to come out of the wood-works. We can expect our former leaders in business and government to try to interject themselves and contort the matter at hand.

Just as every peoples before us we may use this moment to strive or use this moment to relent.

A demand for accountability is but a begining. The true goal must always be to bring forth the individuals who will operate as honest brokers and stewards of the economy while tossing aside the corporatists and those who played us all for fools.

They are the true enemy of the common person. Not any specific group but the whole entity of continued corruption.