Attorney General Eric Holder on Race

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I have never presumed to have any more means by which to judge of others but by their actions and their words, just like any other man. For my part I take a rather wide surveillance of the modern American media and open-outlets of public opinion that is simply an attempt to balance my own politics and avoid misinformation.
In the process of this I have long known what Holder said so frankly to the American public yesterday to be a simple fact of American life. The greatest of comedians help us laugh about the differences between us and the greatest of dividers desire us to hate each other for the same differences.
I always attempt to speak within my own experience as often as possible and I am doing just that when I say I have personally encountered racism in my life in the form of Neo-Nazi groups approaching me. I am blonde hair and blue eyes so these misguided individuals saw me as a ‘good catch’ when was an adolescent. I am disgusted every time I hear people speak the perspective that we have conjured the race issue or that America has all-but completely balanced racial tensions.

In a free society there is no other compromise than to allow the pro-segregation or groups like these Neo-Nazis to exist in so far as The Freedom of Speech allows, but not many Americans today understand that it means to look one these individuals right in eye and tell him you don’t agree with the prejudiced statements they made.

I have never said that racism is isolated to white racism and the reality of racism in all the colors is present. Personally I do not try to keep some grand tally of how much racism is in each group at any given time, due to fact that all racism is founded in same place of ignorance and hate.

Even in risking my life to disagree with real life racists in rare instances I would still call myself a coward as Holder suggests. I have very little to speak on outside of my own comfort zone regarding race and politics.

I certainly am prone to the overreaction and quick accusations of racial motives but in my case it is at times just previous experiences shading my perception. This was foremost in my mind as I first saw this now political hot-potato New York Post cartoon of a gunned down chimp associated with authoring the stimulus.



I still see this image as racially influenced and designed to degrade Black Americans, not Congress or the Speaker of the House. As the cartoonist has since implied.

Eric Lightborn

2 thoughts on “Attorney General Eric Holder on Race

  1. Dear Eric,

    My son is not a coward!! He presently serves in the U.S. Army with many racialy diverse people and none of them think about their race as they are fighting together or stratigising together. They just don’t think it’s that important what color you are, or should they talk it over before they train to help EACH OTHER stay alive. If the Attorney General thinks this way maybe he should find a new job. Maybe he should make his speech in front of the U.S.
    armed services, I’m sure some of my son’s friends (American Indian, Spanish and Black) would look at him and say “Oh I never thought of it that way I thought we WERE working together.” He should take heed from the military on how to bring people of all backrounds together for each other instead of making inflamatory remarks that just divide people even more.

  2. Dear Julie,

    My statements were not directed at your son or any specific American. I cannot speak to as to Holder’s words but my view is that our proud and beautiful nation has neglected to take the necessary actions in certain areas of our society to break the tide of racism and social segregation. I would say this and other statements to any and all members of the US Armed Services and also thank them for their service and their sympathetic ear. You’ll notice I approved your comment uneditted and you might be surprised to hear I am glad to see you have read my blog. We surely disagree on many other matters and I feel that I am certainly prone to inflamatory remarks but I always fairly address when I have done a disservice to others.

    I hope your son stays safe and I am well aware that our military is highly culturally diverse and I believe it to be an element of our strength. The word ‘coward’ is a loaded word and no one who uses such a word is unaware of the consequences. Still I stick to my sentiment. This nation has done great strides in the goal of unity between all our peoples but we have lost the will to deeply inspect ourselves for the evils of the past. If you haven’t encountered modern racism I count you as fortunate but if you survey more of the internet you’ll surely see what I see.

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