R.I.P. Mark Felt (1913-2008)


A true hero of America if there ever was.

‘Deepthroat’ they called him back when the mass media was young and I wasn’t even an idea yet.
While he was but a speck in a huge pile of corrupt politics, he was a voice of conscious in a storm of perversion.

Those blind to reviewing facts even to this day call him a “traitor.” Where do their allegiances truly lie? With the truth, or with whatever corruption their assume to impose upon them?

He spoke out to the free press to the American people about an issue that concerned them. The things he said that were factual led to bringing down a dangerous President.

Let it never be said unchallenged that Mark Felt should not go down in history as a great American and a defender of the people’s right to a lawful and ethical government.


3 thoughts on “R.I.P. Mark Felt (1913-2008)

  1. Those are the types of journalists I seek to investigate the individual and his accomplices who have harassed and violated me for 8-years by viciously wiretapping my phone, breaking into my email accounts stalking me, my friends and family and carrying on the vilest imaginable form of unprecedented criminality imaginable.

    This man “Shabazz” who on the face of it pretends to be a legitimate journalist, his female accomplice and her son has been complicit in waging a vicious and unrelenting attack against my family and I.

    To date, I am still searching for a journalist to take up and fully investigate this MAD MAN and his accomplices in order to bring them to justice for the crimes they commit to date against me.

    The Internet is crawling with this VERMIN and it appears REPORTERS are unwilling to get fully investigate this new breed of EXPLODING CYBERTERRORISTS.

    Read my blog here http://saynotocyberharassment.wordpress.com/

  2. I support you in confronting this issue.
    I want to be clear that your link has some good advise some people to protect themselves from cyber-predators.
    I know it is hard but try to get some evidence you can bring to a court against this “Shabazz.” I don’t pretend to understand your situation but in order to stop such individuals for good we need to find something tangible on them.

  3. I shall and will do so. Case law shows it is no slow feat. It is time consuming and a continuing tracking and collection.

    Until the first model Rachel Schaffer was killed in CA, the courts did not have any strong laws… infact, had NONE against stalkers. So, my voice and as time goes on, that of so many others will be added to bring light to this crime.

    I am committed to stopping these kinds of fiends who target women and children!

    It is the most important thing I care about at this time. This is my calling.

    The threshold for prosecuting illegal wire taps and these scum is fluid and because of that it takes a while to round up and apprehend these mad men.

    I believe that this story will be told and whether I am alive or dead when this criminal is brought to justice, I am certain that my efforts will route him and others like him.

    The 21st century cyber predator uses the Internet as a shield, those who pursue them must continue to break through those shields and expose the dangerous child molesters and stalkers who hide and commit violent acts.

    I hope you will sign on to spread the word.

    My mission is to speak and act till I get JUSTICE!

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